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PackshotCreator propels OneDirect toward 3D

Accompanying a leader in telephony in its photo and animation production

A leader in professional telephony, the company OneDirect is known for being on the lookout for new cost-effective solutions.  Following the acquisition of a PackshotCreator system, it was able to enrich its website with new interactive content, favorably present its offer, and above all improve its turnover.

How does one develop the traffic on one’s website through improving the online experience of web surfers?

As a visitor stays on a page for, on average, 7 seconds, a pure player attaches significant importance to the esthetics, ergonomics, and interactivity of its site.  To grab and keep the attention of the web user, OneDirect decided to improve its site.  The redesign was accompanied by a new manner of presenting certain products.   The product sheets with an additional “3D View” tab are targeted upstream by the marketing director, Emmanuelle Tellier (promotional gifts offered to clients, for example).  In continuous rotation and controlled by the mouse, the 3D views figuring on the OneDirect website were produced in-house by Emmanuelle Campagna, “designated” user of PackshotCreator.  She attests to the customer satisfaction tied to this change: “The user benefits of PackshotCreator are summed up in 4 words: simplicity, versatility, efficiency, profitability”.

The visitor becomes an actor

The fluidity and low file weight of 360° views produced in-house with PackshotCreator make it so that the pages open immediately and provide more comfort for navigation. No need to download an additional program: the formats Flash®, HTML5, or GIF of the animations created with PackshotCreator are the most widely used on internet browsers.  We can thus view the products presented from multiple angles.  The 360° animations enable the visitor to be the actor of its movements, thus creating interactivity.  As the animations are very attractive for the user, Emmanuelle Campagna’s work has gained in productivity.  A procedure is implemented upon reception of the PackshotCreator material.

  • A dynamic communicationTellier enters the weekly schedule of products to be photographed into a shared file with E. Campagna. 3D is not just for bestsellers, but is not routinely requested either. In any case, 3D or still view with magnifying glass, the products are oriented in the same direction (forming a 45° angle to the left).
  • The standardized exposition of PackshotCreator makes it possible to give each product the same brightness, the same color level, in short the same professional result. This tool was essential to OneDirect’s new communications policy, aiming to scale up: daily site updates, multiplication of close-up views, release of two new additional prospecting catalogues…

27% increase in revenues

The site’s traffic underwent a noticeable increase, mechanically improving the performance of the commercial site.  Thus, the monthly revenues of December 2008 experienced a 27% increase compared to 2007. We understand better why 360° product animations are at the forefront of the intended means by companies to enhance their offer.  The objective of a site is also to reach the largest possible audience.  The founding president Emmanuel Stern expands on this aspect: “This is about taking into account all visitors, including those who won’t have the possibility to make the trip to the store and see the product before buying it online.  Everyone may momentarily not be able to make the trip: this does not just concern those individuals with reduced mobility or rural residents.  The online purchase must not pleasure of the showcase”.

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