Personalize and export your animations to 360° under the HTML5 format. Not only are they completly personalized but they are also compatible with all the lecture supports for a visualization on smartphones and Android tablets, MAC and PC. Thus, visible by all without adding a plug-in!

Top feature offering a liberty of creation and customization

All features permitting to adapt and personalize the production of visuals to a guideline


Characterization features

Picture style

Upstream adjustment of the settings.

Import images

Possibility to import images from an extern project in the software interface.

File name

Personalization of the image’s file name to export.


Add a suffix to the image’s name during the recoring of the entire series or multiple views of the same product.

Saving formats

.raw. tiff. .jpg. .png. .tga. html5. .mov. .mp4.

Image sizes

Define the desired size for the export.

Image quality

Choice of the file compression.


Selection of images resolution


Add transparency watermark to on the desired visual.

Save as

Select the folder in which the file will be saved in.


Personalization features

HTML5 profile

Definition of the animations’ rotation parameters before its creation (type, direction, and speed of rotation).

Interactive parameters

Definition of the animations’ interactive parameters (the performance of the mouse, the rotation axis, the rotation of the mouse, inertia).

Magnification tool

Choice of the type of the magnification tool and of its performance: loop or zoom, the siwe of the enlargment, choice of the initial view…

Social media

Add hyperline icons linking to social media.


Add precision annotations on the images and animations


Adjustment features


Control the black and white levels of the visual.


Contrast adjustment of the image.

HSL / Saturation

Modification of the shade and the saturation of the visual.

Color balance

Tonality adjustment of the visuals.

Selective color

Individual correction of each color of the visual.


Reinforce the sharpness of the visual.


Zone selection on the image in order for the software to delete everything that is off-selection.

Spot removal

Selection of a zone in the image in order for the software to delete everything that is being selected.


Add a margin.


Lighten the texture of the visual.


Darken the texture of the visual.