All other features


Efficiency features

focus knop packshot creator software


The focus is controlled by the software via the Focus button.

opnieuw instellen van de achtergrondverwijdering

BKG recovery

Adjustment of the background removal layer in case it was incorrectly done.

aanpassing van de achtergrondverwijderingslaag op een visual gemaakt in AutoPNG

PNG recovery

Adjustment of the background removal layer on a visual made in AutoPNG.

automatisch achtergrond verwijdering


Adjustment of the background removal layer after shooting with AutoMask

mode strobe

Flash preview

Simulation of the use of the flash in LiveView.

Inverse van een afbeelding volgens een as (horizontaal of verticaal).


Inverse of a picture according to an axis (horizontal or vertical).

bijsnijden na het fotograferen


Cropping after shooting.


Marketing hacks features

maak een 360 animaties-packshot-maker

360 animation

Synchronizing the rotation of the turntable and the camera to create a 360 animation.

creëer een animatie met een transparante achtergrond

360 animations with background removal

Synchronize the rotation of the turntable and the camera to create a 360 animation with a background removal.



Record a 360 ° video of a product.

Customize the settings of your animation

Animation settings

Selection of the rotation radius, speed, direction, and the number of images to make an animation.

Customize the settings of your video

Video settings

Select the type of video, overlap, and degree of rotation before creating the video.

hemisferische en bolvormige animatie

Hemispheric and spherical animation

Full support of the software for creating a spherical or hemispheric animation.


Publishing features

Open een visual in een andere software van de PackshotCreator-interface

Program Link

Opening a visual in another software from the PackshotCreator interface.

exporteer afbeeldingen in verschillende formaten


Simultaneous export of several visuals in several formats, sizes, profiles …

bestanden opslaan op ftp


Saving visuals on an FTP following its setting.

SaaSPhoto ontwikkeld door PackshotCreator


Easily store and host 2D or animated visuals onto SaaSPhoto developed by PackshotCreator.

save en hergebruik profielen packshot creator software

Export profiles

Saving profiles on an external folder to be able to store and re-import into the software again at your will.

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