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Anticipating and integrating the latest innovations in digital product imaging has been PackshotCreator’s credo for over 15 years now. Our software is designed and updated to meet the requirements and latest evolutions of the market.

PackshotCreator software to accompany and anticipate your needs

Your visuals needs evolve; so does our software! Photos and animations for e-commerce, visuals for print media, product images for a visual database designed for a research & development service or for archiving: so many different requirements and needs in digital imaging to which respond the software programs PackshotCreator and PackshotViewer.

Designed for a global approach to product photography, the digital product animation is regularly updated by our engineers; they also enable you to take full control of a PackshotCreator automated photo studio: lighting adjustment, the overall shooting process, editing, and the final export of your visuals.

This comprehensive support process for production workflow facilitates the standardization of your photos and animations. A guided process that supports you at each step of individual animation and image production, regardless of their amount or destination. Your production deadlines are thus considerably reduced, without compromising on the quality of your visuals.

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