The latest updates of the PackshotCreator software

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Here are the latest innovations of our PackshotCreator’s software programs.

The latest innovations at the service of your visuals:

Our software programs are compatible with the best APNs on the market, with the latest Windows operating systems, and are regularly supplemented with new features. Here are the latest innovations..

PackshotCreator’s Simplicity

  • The exclusive Hyperfocus function is entirely automated so as to achieve even more easily and rapidly a clear visual of the foreground and background.

PackshotCreator’s Quality

  • Suspension system with motorized PackshotLive plate (optional for the R series equipment) for multi-view shooting and 360° animation.
  • Possibilities for annotation addition directly on the enriched, scripted animations (PackshotViewer).
  • A new image gallery to highlight the multi-views by product.
  • Improved photographic editing tools, with the visual color optimization function.


  • Implementation of a custom profile library to streamline the photographic workflow: the different profiles, from the shooting settings up to the recording of multiple files, adapt to the different needs of production chain.
  • Update of algorithms and new intuitive cropping tools: -30% of computing time.
  • The image importation function is evolving: edit by batch a series of already captured visuals before creating the animation.

PackshotCreator’s Versatility

  • Video creations are possible for equipment compatible with 360° shooting.
  • New exclusive multi-product capture feature (in aerial shooting): unique shooting of a set of subjects with separate recording of files (one file per object).

Updates from 2009 to 2016

2016 software suite

August 2016

  • Improvement of the software functions for PackshotMacro R (example: rotation speed of rotating plate multiplied by 2).

July 2016

  • Additional compatibility with Canon EOS 80D and 1300D.

June 2016

  • The “Hyperfocus” function is improved: increase in the number of photos with different development zones (up to 99) to generate a perfectly clear visual.

March 2016

  • Addition of the new auto PNG feature. This feature allows you to crop the photographed product during (Auto BKG) or after the shooting (auto PNG).

Logiciel édition 2015

December 2015

  • Improvement of the Auto BKG function with the expansion of the pixel count during the smoothing of the cropped product’s outline.
  • Addition of the Highlight function, for a better control of whites up to a pure white (255,255,255).

August 2015

  • Compatibility with Canon 760D, Canon 5D SR (this last device does not support the automatic cropping function).
  • Windows 10 compatibility.

April 2015

  • Adding 360 shooting capability with PackshotLive (for Series R).
  • Adding the possibility to add a custom suffix when exporting images.
  • Adding multi product shooting.
  • Adding video creation modes for 360 equipments

March 2015

  • The Focus stacking is entirely automatized, from A to Z, and allows you to control the depth of field of your images so you get a perfectly sharp photo, from the foreground to the background.
  • Even more enriching possibilities : adding texts, images or external links directly on the animation, presetting the movement of the product in the animation…
  • The Gallery mode allows you to automatically organize a series of images as an image gallery.
  • The new Magento plugin allows you to easily publish your animations on your favorite e-commerce CMS.
  • New edition tools : setting the Hue/Saturation/Brightness, White balance… and save your settings in a profile library.
  • Update of the automatic masking tool for an even faster and more precise process.
  • An improved import feature : batch edit a series of images to then regenerate the animation.
  • New feature to create a 360-degree video of your product.

January 2015

  • Camera compatibility extended to Canon 7D Mark II.

2014 software suite

September 2014

  • Adding the Highlight feature in the retouching interface.
  • Improving Auto PNG feature with Contiguous mode.
  • Adding the possibility to change the dpi resolution of a PNG file.

January 2014

  • Adding compatibility with Canon 700D, 100D and 70D.
  • New editing tools.
  • Compatibility with Windows 8.1.
  • New FTP sending interface.
  • New custom defined interface.

2013 software edition

June 2013

  • Adding compatibility with Canon EOS 6D, Nikon D800, D800E
  • Adding the Highlight feature to the Editing interface
  • Improving the user-friendliness in the Auto PNG interface
  • Improving PackshotOneClick to get up to 10 export format simultaneously
  • Automatic background removal for R series and PackshotCreator X2

February 2013

  • Auto 3D Tag
  • Compatibility with Canon EOS 5D Mark III.

2012 software edition

November 2012

  • Adjustable real-time preview
  • PackshotOneClick
  • Animation live preview
  • Animation with clickable hotspots
  • Custom light settings library
  • Dual Camera Mode
  • Open camera mode

August 2012

  • Compatibility with Canon 650D

June 2012

  • Overlay Feature
  • Highlight feature
  • Image with integrated magnifier
  • Custom animation setting profile
  • Custom lighting profile
  • Création de profils d’éclairage

February 2012

  • Mac OS X Lion compatibility

2011 software edition

June 2011

  • Changed Spin Range feature to support 90, 120 and 180 and 360-degree animations in one user interface location
  • Supported Magnifier feature with Watermark
  • Adjusted some language compatibility
  • Adjusted Export to PackshotViewer function to better fit customer needs
  • Added new scalable magnifier feature for Flash and HTML-JavaScript format
  • Supported more image frames when creating 360 product view
  • Adjusted Image Quality interface look and feel

February 2011

  • Introduced New Software User Interface
  • Initiated support or the Canon EOS 60D
  • Added Magnifier feature into Flash and Html+JavaScript animation formats
  • Added 4 new control bar styles for Flash and Html+JavaScript animation formats

January 2011

  • Supported hardware upgrades for PackshotSpin
  • Support for the Nikon D7000
  • Added the ability to create HTML+JavaScript product views in 360 and 3D formats
  • Added Grid feature in Preview screen

2010 software edition

November 2010

  • Added horizontal and vertical reference lines to the Preview screen
  • Added turntable rotation speed control

October 2010

  • Added ability to create and import 90, 180 and 270-degree product view
  • Adjusted FTP settings to support more servers

August 2010

  • PackshotViewer 3D software comes bundled with PackshotSphere devices
  • PackshotViewer Pro software comes bundled with PackshotCreator 3D
  • Added 100% and Fit features to the Camera Settings window in PackshotCreator 3D
  • Added 90, 180, 270 and 360 fixed degree rotation options in Continuous Rotation
  • Added FTP save option for 360 / 3D product views
  • Added Concentric Circles to assist item placement in the Preview Option
  • Added 90 and 270 rotation angles to the Preview Option. Users can shoot portrait by moving camera 90 degrees clockwise and counterclockwise
  • Upgraded Flash Action Script to 3.0 & began supporting per-loader feature for Flash animation
  • Added white or black background option for image export to PackshotViewer software series

May 2010

  • Initiated support for the Canon EOS Kiss X4 Digital/550D/Rebel T2i
  • Launched PackshotViewer 360 software
  • Created stand-alone dongle & software for importing and stitching 360 product views
  • New feature: ‘Custom Define’ allows user to define and save a specific shooting sequence.
  • Added speed control for initial spin of Spin Once animations
  • Adjusted Nikon D300s Manual Focus settings
  • Adjusted Preview Option to better fit customer needs
  • Increased turntable image capture speed

January 2010

  • Initiated support for the following Nikon dSLR cameras (on Windows machines):D5000, D90, D300, D300s
  • Supported RAW+JPEG image quality both for Canon and Nikon dSLR
  • Added image capture option of 12 pictures per 360 to the 3D Image Creation Wizard
  • Adding the ability to invert colors in the grid preview options
  • Adding continuous rotation for PackshotSpin systems
  • Supporting PNG importing in the Import interface
  • Adding a Crop ratio in the preview options

2009 software edition

Mars 2009

  • Nouvelle function: Mise au point Automatique, Manuelle et Fixe pour les appareils photos Canon
  • Correction de bugs sur PackshotSpin
  • Amélioration de la stabilité avec les appareils photos Canon EOS
  • Amélioration de la description des messages d’erreur
  • Amélioration des fonctions d’import d’images
  • Amélioration de la vitesse d’édition des images
  • Ajout de l’option de Direction de rotation dans l’interface de création d’animations
  • Amélioration de la génération d’animation Flash

Janvier 2009

  • Optimisation du Ricoh GX200
  • Ajustement des paramètres Canon EOS pour améliorer la stabilité du système, en particulier sur Canon EOS 5D Mark II
  • Amélioration des paramètres de création Flash pour une meilleure stabilité
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