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              The PackshotViewer software multiplies your capacities to enrich and showcase your photos, multi-views, and 360° or 3D product animations. Make them interactive, publish them so that they are visible on screens and smartphones for an unparalleled result. Discover the main software features.

              Intelligent image distribution

              • No external hosting and absolute control of all of your image files!
              • Intelligent image distribution guarantees to offer to each visitor of your site a powerful zoom and an instantaneous display time.
              • Regardless the size of your visuals, the animation files are generated from your server in order to minimize loading time: the PackshotViewer progressive zoom is based on the use of a large collection of images of various sizes and resolutions, all automatically generated during the creation of the animation by the software.
              • Thus, when you zoom on a specific zone, only the zone of the image at the right resolution is called forth. Decrease your bounce rate!
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              PackshotViewer animation interactivity software

              Your product in fine detail

              • To no longer be blocked by a single magnification level, the progressive zoom or Deep Zoom (front-back) enlarges the totality and not just a single part of the image, even when the object is animated (360° and 3D).
              • It offers the possibility to expand the product by up to 20 times by using the wheel of your mouse or your fingers on a tablet or smartphone. An essential tool for increasing your conversion rate!
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              Scripting of movements

              • Preregister custom views of your products, organize them at will, and create attractive animation sequences.
              • Use the zoom and rotation sequences – up to 8 sequences possible – to highlight strong points presenting the key parts of your product.
              • Easily view the various parts of your product via the chapters accessible in the playback interface.
              • You can also let the sequences scroll when the page is loading.
              • An ideal tool for presenting objects in a comprehensive fashion in a database, for quality control, or for archiving.

              Dynamic text annotations

              • Add text, an image, or even an external link directly onto the animations.
              • Offer more information about your products to attract the attention of your visitors to specific parts of your product, or complement your internal communication or R&D means.
              • Annotations enable you to add a global description of your object, or to highlight its details.
              • Place the annotation where you wish on the animation, on any view, directly from the software with just a few clicks.

              Visuals adapted to Responsive Web Design

              Your product presentations adapt, and are perfectly displayed on all web browsers and Android or iOS (smartphones, tablets, or phablets).

              PackshotViewer software features

              A customizable software interface

              Customize at will the presentation interface of PackshotViewer with icons, a color charter, numerous rotating styles, and transition effects.

              Interactive Packshot software

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