Zlotewyprzedaze.pl customer case

Flash sales website Zlotewyprzedaze.pl’s challenge: shooting 3000 pictures per month

Zlotewyprzedaze.pl, one of the biggest Polish online private sale website, has recently purchased PackshotCreator equipments to automatize the shooting of their products.

Every week, the website offers dozens of new private sales of the most renowned brands for clothing, jewelry, or leather goods.

To be able to satisfy all their customers who are expecting promotional prices up to 70% lower than in ordinary shops, the company has to shoot over 800 products per month, for a total of about 3000 product pictures captured!

The online shop, which was used to working with an in-house classic photo studio, has chosen several PackshotCreator solutions to shoot products of all sizes: LuminaPad for clothing apparel, PackshotMacro R for jewelry and accessories, PackshotSpin for tall products and the bestseller PackshotCreator R3 for shoes, bags and most of their other items.

Such investment aims at increasing the company’s productivity while ensuring good and homogeneous image quality on all their photos. Zlotewyprzedaze.pl has organized the workflow so that only one person is dedicated to the shooting of the pictures.

“The main advantages of the PackshotCreator studios is their multi functionality. The software is easy to use and everyone can quickly learn how to use it.”, says Aneta Zamielska, Studio Manager of Zlotewyprzedaze.pl. “By shooting the product in-house and publishing them right away on our website, we have decreased the production costs and the time of shooting.”

Apart from shooting their products for their own website, the online shop is now starting to shoot to sell their product images for other online shops.

Aneta Zamielska, Studio Manager
Złote Wyprzedaże S.A., Warschau