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A PackshotCreator solution to be consumed without moderation, the online wine merchant, was able to photograph and highlight its 1,200 references in just one week thanks to its automated PackshotCreator photo studio.

Cost and delay reduction during the creation of the website offers a vast range of quality wines at a better price, and for all occasions, thus targeting a wide variety of consumers.  With 1,200 references (800,000 bottles), all stocked in the Paris region, delivers to its clients in 24 to 48 hours throughout France.  The PackshotCreator photo studio enabled to implement its website by meeting two constraints: cost and time.  Bottle photography being quite restrictive, particularly because of reflections, it was not possible to use a traditional camera to obtain quality results, and the use of a photographer would have been rather costly.

A studio that quickly pays for itself

“Our problem was implementing our website in a very short time period.  We therefore needed a flexible and efficient photography solution in order to quickly obtain professional results”, explains Alexandre Vatus, marketing and communications manager at  “We found PackshotCreator thanks to their strong online presence, and were convinced both by the product presentation and by their prestigious client references.  In the end, the photographed obtained are homogeneous, of very good quality, and perfectly meet our expectations”., which acquired the photo studio in April 2017, has already made profitable its purchase.

1,200 references shot in 1 week

The images of 1,200 references available on their site were made in only one week, by an individual who had no specific knowledge in photography, thanks to the very intuitive interface of the integrated software.  The company counts on taking full advantage of the 3D function from PackshotCreator in order to present 360° animated products on the web.  “PackshotCreator is largely acclaimed by e-commerce actors, who have regular needs to refresh their product photos.  This photo creation studio thus offers a huge competitive advantage, within a context where consumers are very sensitive to visual information”, concludes Laurent Wainberg, founder and head of PackshotCreator.


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