Jouets et Merveilles

Jouets et counts on interactive visuals

Respecting specifications for one’s visuals with PackshotCreator

The e-shop for toys uses the PackshotCreator R3 in order to immerse the user into a world where quality, tradition, and originality combine.

How does one gain the trust of web users with an online store?

One year ago, Jouets et realized that even with qualitatively superior products it was necessary to stand out visually.  The question was then: how does one sell traditional toys on the internet through differentiating oneself from classic networks and other e-merchants? The question is not neutral, and there are multiple responses.

Showing the quality of one’s products through visuals enrichment

Jouets et, online store specializing in traditional and wooden games and toys for children, has completely redesigned its website.  Emphasis was placed on the quality of its products through interactive visuals, thanks to the PackshotCreator technology. Jouets et thus decided to offer 360° animations with product zoom.

Winning over child customers…

To achieve this, Jouets et highlighted the products and their manufacturing quality with enriched visuals.  The online catalogue now has more than 1,500 original references and includes objects of all sizes, such as dollhouses and figurines.  The possibility was offered to each web user to discover a product in a different way, with a maximum of information.  Among the new features: the “handling” of a virtual product from all angles just like in a physical store.  Finally, tools such as zoom without resolution loss enable visitors to observe any detail so that each parent can be sure of the safety of the product.

…and the adults

Jouets et has become completely autonomous in the creation of its visuals.  The home page of the website is made up of very colorful and large product visuals on a white background.  The user discovers the products via sheets rich in visuals (general photo, detailed views, and interactive 360° product animations). The objects that are manipulable in 360° are, furthermore, marketed by a little icon, a plus for visitors who need to become more familiar with the subject.  “Sometimes customers contact us to ask us questions about certain toys; we often refer them to the 360° interactive view, and this additional information satisfies them.  This is a real sales argument”, says Olivier Delannoy, manager of the company, who performs the product shootings himself.

Convincing the potential buyer

Through the use of PackshotCreator and its intuitive software, Jouets et was quickly and regularly able to photograph and put online all of its product references.  Visuals production becomes quick and easy.  The realism of each photo, compared to modeling for example, reassures the web users who are searching for solid, quality products, especially since they have very little time to be convinced.  The 360° product views also enable the visitor to reach a level of confidence and satisfaction more quickly.

360°: a weapon for increasing the conversion rate

This user satisfaction is explained by the obtainment of enough information on the product to be able to buy it without physically touching it.  “The 360° animations make up, for now, roughly one third of the catalogue.  This feature is well received by customers, who are always surprised to see that they can turn a toy around in order to see every angle”, explains Olivier Delannoy.

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