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In-house 360° still photos and animations for a trendy French brand. is a young French brand offering a trend laboratory for enthusiasts, experts, or collectors.  Designer furniture and interior decorations are proposed both on their site and in their Paris showroom.  Young talent and renowned creators from all over the world can be found on their site.  Thanks to the PackshotSpin solution from PackshotCreator, offers its visitors quality visuals with still photos or 360° animations. Gwendoline Chopineau, Web designer, talks with us about her experience with the PackshotSpin solution.

A real rendering of colors and details

With the end of the year holidays, the client doesn’t want to make a mistake, and the quality of the visuals is the first thing that he/she is going to look at, as evidenced by Gwendoline Chopineau, Web designer: “Thanks to the PackshotSpin solution, we finally have a real rendering of product colors and details.  Often the visuals that we receive from suppliers are not qualitative enough, and for us, a quality visual almost always means a sale.  “

A wonderful time saver

With over 15,000 references to be photographed, and very specific product sizes, chooses speed and cost-effectiveness: “We produce still photos and 360° animations for our website.  We receive a lot of references every day, so responsiveness is paramount.  With PackshotSpin , we position the product, the camera shutter is directly linked to the software, and in two seconds the picture is taken.  It is a wonderful time saver! “, enthuses Gwendoline Chopineau.

Satisfied requirements

The PackshotSpin motorized rotating plate makes it possible to create still photos and 360° animations in a minimum amount of time, and to the nearest degree.  The photo format can be easily predefined.  “We have requirements in terms of photo sizes for our website.  What is practical with the PackshotSpin is that we can store the position of an already photographed product in the software.  This allows us to always have the same visuals size for all of our products.”, explains Gwendoline Chopineau.
The visuals thus created are used for product sheets on the website, for web communication campaigns, and on social networks.  “Our communication is much more effective and harmonized! Our visuals are reliable, and we use them everywhere”, she concludes.

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