How does one create uniform and high quality PackshotCreator visuals?

Tuang Hong, manager of tells us why he chose the MaestroBot Start, the PackshotCreator 3D photo studio. This online store for high-end shoes sells brands such as Vinedge. The site offers classic and timeless models for men: Oxfords, boots, derbies, or loafers.

The objective: increase sales

“Sales taking place primarily online, visibility and SEO are necessarily major issues”, explains Tuang Hong. Better visuals thus improved the customer experience on, and also participate in the construction of a visual identity. It is this identity, with for added value uniform visuals in high definition, which enables an e-merchant to increase his/her conversion rate.

A major change

At the beginning of the online adventure, used a digital reflex camera for product shootings. “Having never had any special training in photography, handling the camera was too complicated and resulted in an unsatisfactory result”, remembers Mr. Hoang. “I wanted to make quality visuals, with a respect for colors, without being an expert in photography. “, he adds. With PackshotCreator, simply creating still photos “without pushing the camera settings, which takes time, patience, and many trials”, has become child’s play for M. Tuang.

Adapting to media with responsive design

Not being able to use all of the communication tools, the shop was limited in the development of its activity. Indeed, using Adobe Flash, the generated animations were not readable on mobiles and tablets. The issue here was to find the solution that would enable it to be compatible with all e-commerce environments. The HTML5 and GIF formats used by Chaussures Homme Luxe generate 360° animations that function on all media.

Impressing one’s future clients

Chaussures Homme made the choice to combines still visuals accompanied by 360° animations.
The web surfer can judge at a glance and with one click the quality of the model. The visuals are even more embellished with the Orbitvu Station software, improving, for example, the shiny and glossy effect of a shoe. Tuan Hoang wants to be able to create visuals quickly so as to put them online directly.
With 70 to 80 references per year, chaussures homme has an upscale catalogue. The quality of the visuals has become impressive, the transcription of colors and material very realistic. The most detailed finishing is highlighted, such as the Goodyear seams. At a glance, the user understands the product’s manufacturing quality. The benefit is instantaneous, as with the time saving. “Creating a ready-to-use 360° animation takes me less than roughly 15 minutes”, says Tuan Hoang. A shooting is quick for quality that is always there.

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