Interview with the director of the Kappa e-commerce site

The official online shop of the famous Italian brand, Kappa, offers equipment, accessories, and sportswear for men, women, and children chose the PackshotSpin.  Benoit Defois, director of the e-commerce site, let’s us in on the reasons which motivated him to make this choice.

Why the PackshotCreator solution?

We decided to invest in this solution in order to answer essentially budgetary constraints, without jeopardizing quality.  This solution enables us, among other things, to control the costs of our product photo shoots.

What do you use PackshotSpin for?

The PackshotSpin allows us before all else to photograph with models.  We have placed a Mohrmodels mannequin on the rotating plate.  The rendering is very realistic and reproduces bodily forms. This solution also allows us to quickly supply our websites with photos.  Thanks to the photo library, we reuse these visuals for our various print or web communications media such as our product sheets, our brochures, or booklets.

What are the advantages that PackshotSpin brings to your activity?

With the PackshotSpin, we can showcase our products with 360° animations.  The rotating plate and software suite are considerable time savers, since the mechanism is entirely automated.  Furthermore, other functions like the animation customization with text offer a multitude of possibilities.

You underwent a training course for ownership of the PackshotSpin; what did you think of it?

I really enjoyed this training course, I found it very effective.  It makes it possible to grasp the solution in no time at all.  I was able to quickly assimilate much information and user tricks!

How has your visuals production evolved?

We have been completely convinced by the PackshotSpin which is dedicated to model/mannequin photography.  Recently, we also acquired the PackshotCreator R3 in order to photograph other products such as shoes, bags, caps, and many other accessories.  This solution makes it possible to go even further in the presentation of products by making photos on a pure white background and by controlling glare; it is also possible to crop photos and eliminate the blurring effect with the Hyperfocus function.

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