How does one create uniform and high quality PackshotCreator visuals?

Visuals which don’t count for nothing

Clopinette is the new staple in a rapidly expanding market, that of electronic cigarettes. With over 80 stores all over France, and a website that launched in January 2011, today the brand offers more than 200 referenced products.

Meeting customer expectations

In order to rapidly meet the expectations of its clients, and with a concern for visuals quality, Clopinette adopted a PackshotCreator solution for its e-commerce site. Benjamin Hurel, Webmaster, explains the reasons to us.

Why choose a PackshotCreator solution?

With a product range and customer demands rapidly evolving, we needed to be particularly responsive on our website. Our PackshotCreator solution enables us to be faster and above all more profitable! The software automatically pilots the machine and the camera.

How did you work before having used the PackshotCreator solution?

We used a photographer, but quickly realized that we needed to produce beautiful visuals at a lower cost. Indeed, our products are rather difficult to photograph because of glares on certain parts in transparent plastic; but thanks to the adjustable light through the software, it became child’s play!

What do you do with the created visuals?

We use them for everything! For our website or for our communication materials, either internal or external. We are constantly feeding our website with these visuals. We are thinking of offering a new experience soon on all of our products by presenting to our clients 360° animations.

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