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Dragées Faller: more creativity with PackshotCreator

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Producer of sugared almonds (“dragée”, a French specialty item) since 1957, Dragées Faller distinguishes itself through the originality of its creations, through the large range of its offering of dragées containers, and through its choice to sell the original dragée at a low price.  The company uses the PackshotSpin solutions for the production of its visuals.

Why automate product shootings?

The idea of automating the shooting of its products and of acquiring a photo studio was made at the same time as the creation of the online sales website in 2009. The company already had nine stores, and wanted to share the same atmosphere and originality on the online boutique.  “The acquisition of a PackshotCreator mini photo studio was, for us, synonym of total creative freedom to produce our product visuals and enrich our product communication.  “, explains Nathalie Faller, Executive Director of Dragées Faller.

Seduced by PackshotCreator’s ease of use

PackshotCreator and Nathalie Faller is above all else a perfect match: “We met PackshotCreator at the Paris E-commerce exhibition and discovered the PackshotSpin solution. What most attracted us was that no prior skills in IT or photography was necessary; the photo taken corresponds exactly to what we see on the screen”.
Dragées Faller acquired PackshotSpin, a motorized rotating plate that is entirely piloted by the PackshotCreator software.  It corresponds exactly to the needs of society: HD photos, multi-angle shots, and 360° animations.

A productivity booster

Nathalie Faller very quickly understood how to make the best of her visuals production solution: “With our PackshotCreator, we create three visuals/views per product (three different angles) for our 1,000 references with baffling simplicity and speed, and no editing is necessary.  The online posting is super-fast, especially thanks to the profile library: the camera settings, the image framing, the position of the already photographed product, and the animation parameters are all stored, and the series of images are perfectly uniform, which is synonymous with incredible time saving.  “

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