Why Decathlon chose PackshotCreator studios?

Meeting visuals production challenges

A real challenge for the brand: the visibility of the Passion brands on Décathlon’s website (Oxylane) and in stores.  In order to regularly and cheaply produce a significant volume of professional photos, Oxylane has a fleet of 5 PackshotCreator Pro photo creation studios for companies.  Each employee can thus make in complete autonomy the shots that he/she needs.

How does one implement an optimized external communication strategy?

French leader in sport distribution, via Décathlon, Oxylane is also the producer of a large range of sporting goods.  After automobile manufacturers, it also have the largest industrial design structure.  Its sporting goods meet very rigorous technical specifications.  Patrice Nairi, manager of Multimedia Communications within the Concept department, is behind the adoption of the PackshotCreator solution by Décathlon.

The first studio in May 2006

In May 2006 it acquires a first photo studio in order to highlight the Montagne Quechua product line.  The solution is then adopted incrementally by the other brands.  The PackshotCreator photo studio quickly paid for itself.  Immediately adopted internally, it contributed to improving the product communication of the Passion brands by making it possible to produce a quarter more of quality photos at zero cost.  But above all, we were able to communicate on products until then absent from communication at Décathlon”, notes Patrice Nairi.

PackshotCreator, pillar of a large scale project

Relying on a quick ROI and a potentially significant market, the Concept unit successfully led a “strong expansion project” and opened doors.  Playing in turn the role of tester, then prescriber, and finally central purchasing, the department “sold” to brands a ready-to-use solution.  It made sure of the adaptation of the PackshotCreator automated shooting process with the specific constraints of the Oxylane database.  The base evolved in order to integrate the photos taken with PackshotCreator.  They are automatically resized upstream in the database through the software, then renamed and reframed to match company standards.  The concept department had previously provided the list of settings and parameters by batch, according to the typology of photographed products: accessories, shoes, or even balls.

Implementation of a visuals production workflow

Upstream there was also indexing and integration work by the software in the information system.  The PackshotCreator software is now recognized by the system.  Installation onto client stations is extremely easy.  The connection between the PackshotCreator software and the base is instantaneous. Other than the possibility to photograph “difficult” items, PackshotCreator makes product photography simple and quick to do.  The Decathlon catalogue includes several thousands of references, updated and renewed during large Spring/Fall collection changes.  On the shelves or on the web, Décathlon brings special attention to communication on its products.

 A positive impact, both internal and external

Internally, communication between stores is also positively impacted.  A certain number of items present particularities in terms of size, such as hooks, and of texture, such as various metals, of colors.  For their visual communication needs, around 15 individuals, including project managers, very quickly appropriated the automated photo studios found within each of the brands.  They too were able to measure the added value of this photo equipment for non-professionals: increase in visuals volume, industrialization, and profitability through the shooting of a very large number of products.  Other one-time usages tied to the reliability and precision of shots: quality control of products, or after-sales service.

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