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How to easily get a pure white background on product photography

functie waarmee u een voorbeeld van puur wit op de afbeelding kunt bekijken voordat u de foto maakt Get a perfect white background

Obtain a better white control with the Highlight feature. Use this feature present on PackshotCreator’s software to easily get a pure white background of your product photos.

Simply select the Highlight alert and adjust your lighting. The highlight blinks in black when the background is pure white.

A simple and better white control

The Highlight feature was created to help users to obtain a better white control when photographing products on white background.

Simply place your product on your photo studio and select the Highlight alert. Easily adjust the lighting and use this feature as a guide to get a perfect white. When the background is a pure white (255, 255, 255), the highlight blinks completely in black.

how to get a pure white background on product photos

How to photography products on pure white backgrounds:

1. Place your product
2. Select the Highlight feature
3. Adjust the lighting
4. Use the Highlight alert as a guide to obtain a pure white
5. When the background is pure white the highlight blinks in black
6. When the entire background is black click Snap
7. The image immediately appears on the screen with a perfect white bakcground
8. Save your files