PackshotOne Mark II

The photo studio PackshotOne Mark II benefits from an interior shooting volume of 702 cm3. It can hold large products. Its relation creativity / productivity / size is vector of success for all of your photo shoots. Creativity, with a front lighting sophisticated LED system. Productivity, thanks to a quality of fabrication and an outstanding polyvalence. Size, for its limited bulk and its modularity.

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Intelligent LED lighting system 1

LED lighting system

The PackshotOne Mark II can hold up to 12 lighting sources, adjustable separately from 1 to 100% and covering a surface of 3.7 m2. The LED lighting system is therefore distributed on the two front panels and the top light, all steerable. The back zones are covered by diffusers. They allow a homogenization of the light sources.


With a color temperature of 6500K, equivalent to daylight, and an CRI superior to 93, have a high-fidelity rendering and perfect background removals on many typologies of products. With a lighting system coupled to the LiveLight feature, model it on real time, with a precision of light and incidence on your product.

Polyvalence & modularity 2

A maximal interior volume (for objects measuring up to 77 x 73,5 x 120,5 cm), doubled with a minimal bulk (1m2 on the floor), characterize the PackshotOne Mark II. When you start a photo shoot of one of your products, all the process is made easier.


The ergonomics of the studio offers two charging forms: a front opening, hideable, and a magnetized lateral door, for a complete closing. Photograph your objects from the front or the top. Finally, enjoy an exceptional modularity. Indeed, these front panels are moveable and the top light is dismountable: a major advantage for manipulating, adjusting or moving your products.

Quality & adaptability: an infinity of possibilities 3

The PackshotOne Mark II is made up of anodized aluminum, a metal that increases the diffusion of light and the exchange of temperature. The ventilation system controlled by the software reinforces this device.


The studio welcomes and adapts to many shooting accessories. Use, for example, a suspension kit to photograph a handbag with handles. many supports also exist to raise, adjust or present your products. The possibility of plugging additional lightings increases even more the variety of possibilities.

Evolving system

PackshotSpin Series: O3T

To surpass the limits of visual creation, the studio is compatible with the use of the PackshotSpin O3T turntable. Benefit from the precision of the table and its studio advantages to create realistic and fluid animations and 360° videos.

Software performance


Adjust in an intuitive way the intensity of your lighting with the tip of your fingers. Visualize in real time how your product reacts to light and choose which lighting is better for your needs: it’s the light that adapts to your product, and not the other way around.

This feature, with a super powerful algorithm, has been intelligently designed to allow you to make a perfect and intuitive background removal of all your photos and product animations, with a white or transparent background.

After shooting and editing, you only have to save your visuals. An image with different formats, resolutions? It’s possible with a single click! Define your parameters according to you needs and save the whole thing!

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