Product Measurement feature: measure the photographed products in real time

meet de gefotografeerde producten in real time  Measure products in real time

Create an HTML5 file and allow customers to measure the photographed products in real time.

The Product Measurement feature gives customers the possibility of measuring directly from the visual the size of the photographed objects.

Allow users to visualize your products dimensions

How to add measurements to products photos:

1. Place the PackshotCreator calibration tool in the LuminaPad+ Mark II or LuminaPad Mini Mark II studio
2.  Select Measure as the Capture mode
3. Select Measurement Calibration
4. A window immediately appears on your screen for the calibration process
5. A red frame will automatically appear around the tool once its recognized and calibrated by the software
6. Press finished to complete the calibration process
7. Remove the tool and place your product in the same position
8. Click Snap
9. The image instantly appears on the screen
10. Click Save As and save your file in HTML5 format
11. The visual is automatically created with a measuring tool. Users can use to measure the product in real time