Fashion/laid out clothing In-Depth product photography Training

              Objectives: expand on the issues, specificities, and basics of Fashion/laid out clothing photography through practical situational workshops on different products with flat-lay shootings. Composition shooting workshops for different varieties of products for creating simple and multi-angle visuals. Expand on and master the basics of photo touch-ups. Understand and master the photographic process.

              In-depth sectoral training in Packshot photographic production for laid out clothing

              Duration: 1 day (8 hours).

              Participants: 4-8.

              Presenter: photographer specialized in product photography and animation, as well as in image processing, with educational experience.

              Method and educational resources: the training program takes place in a fully equipped studio with all necessary material. The camera equipment provided: Canon 5D or equivalent. Software: Packshot Creator and Viewer, Lightroom and Photoshop.

              After a review of the fundamentals, the trainees organize, with the help of the trainer, their photo studio. Real-situation workshops for different cases of product shooting with constraints and graphic charters defined by the trainer.

              Public: actors in the world of fashion and textiles: textile artists, designers, stylists, manufacturers, project managers, product technicians, buyers, category managers, or even product controllers.

              Prerequisite : master the issues of the ready-to-wear industry and photography basics

              Outline of the photographic training program fashion/laid out clothing

              1-Reminder and expansion on the challenges and specificities of the industry:

              • Panorama of the market and industry trends of the fashion industry.
              • Understand and arrange a large variety of products and to be reactive during shootings of important reference volumes specific to clothing and accessories (sales or “fast fashion”): white t-shirt, two-tone sweater, black jacket, sandals, etc…

              2- Fundamentals:

              • Introduction to the benefits, challenges, and constraints of multi-angle shots.
              • Indexing and consolidation of different references for in-studio photo shooting.
              • Expansion on the basics of flat-lay shots.

              3- Pre-production

              • Prepare and arrange a photo studio.
              • Install and place several product compositions: clothing compositions for men to present an ensemble for summer, accessories, women’s heels composition…
              • Create a system of repeatability of object placement (ghost image).
              • Adapt and adjust a lighting system depending upon the size and texture of the subject. Place different light sources, reflectors, and barn doors.
              • Shooting settings: speed, sensitivity, aperture, white balance.
              • Adjustments and direct preview with the Live View.

              4- Production:

              • Use of a monitor for photo shooting.
              • Studies and realization of shooting with practical cases of different types of products and product compositions of the industry.
              • Evaluations by photo production workshop performed by the trainer.

              5- Post-production:

              • Verification of the sharpness, framing, and colorimetry.
              • Basic cropping.
              • Optimization of contrasts and colors.
              • Amplify or reduce glares and flashes / shadows / sharpness and digital noise.
              • Harmonize the backgrounds.
              • Export the images to the desired format for use on different types of broadcasting media.
              • Organize and stock the visuals.

              The benefits of the ready-to-wear training program

              The program dedicated to the fashion industry prepares you for the production of ready-to-use and professionals visuals for multiple media (e-commerce website, print collection catalogue, quality control, or even for a database). It enables you to face the constraints on volume and visual codes imposed by precise specifications, and to perfect photographic post-production.

              30-day post-training follow-up. Continuous and end of course evaluation.

              Recognition of acquired skills

              Certificate of completion of in-depth sectoral training in Packshot photographic production for fashion, flat-lay clothing.

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