Photographic touch-ups Training

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Objectives: expand on the basics of image touch-ups.

Training module in commercial photo production for images touch-ups

Duration: 4 heures

Participants: 2-4.

Presenter: instructor specialized in product photography and image processing.

Method and educational means: the module takes place in a fully equipped photo studio with all necessary material.

Public: product photographers, e-merchants.

Prerequisites: basics in touch-up techniques on Photoshop and Lightroom.

Overview of the photographic touch-ups module

  • Overall usability of the Photoshop and Lightroom software programs.
  • Overview of the different features with practical cases.
  • Notions on the automatic scripts on the two software programs.

The benefits of this additional training module

  • This module makes it possible to expand on and familiarize oneself with the set of adjustment/touch-up functionalities on Photoshop and Lightroom in order to produce a better visuals quality for e-commerce.

Credential recognition

Certificate of completion of modular training in photographic touch-ups

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