Photo studio lighting Training course

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Objectives: expand on the photo studio lighting techniques for objects.

Training module in commercial product photography - Studio lighting course

Duration: 4 hours

Participants: from 2 to 4.

Presenter: instructor specialized in product photography and image processing.

Method and educational means: the module takes place in a fully equipped photo studio with all necessary material.

Public: product photographers, e-merchants…

Prerequisites: knowledge of settings for speed, aperture, sensitivity, and depth of focus. Basics in studio lighting.

Overview of the studio lighting module

  • Calibrating the control screen.
  • Adjust and optimize the camera settings depending on the product(s) photographed by adapting the ambient lighting, use of flash.
  • Setting up and adjusting the lighting of photo studio according to the typology of the subjects, of their colors, materials, size, and forms.
  • Shooting of “difficult” objects: subjects with reflections and/or glossiness, sculptures, objects requiring a macrophotographic shooting

The benefits of this additional training module

This training module makes it possible to optimize the acquired skills in studio lighting: management of reflections, shadows, and work on visuals with black or white background.

Credential recognition

Certificate of completion of modular training in studio lighting.

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