Lightroom photographic post-production Training course

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Objectives: handling and expanding on the features of Lightroom in its most recent versions according to your product typologies.

Training module in commercial photo production for post-production on Lightroom

Duration: 4 hours.

Participants: from 2 to 4

Presenter: instructor specialized in product photography and image processing.

Method and educational means: the module takes place in a fully equipped photo studio with all necessary material.

Public:in-studio product photographs, e-merchants.

Prerequisites : know the basic techniques on the Lightroom software.

Overview of the module for photo framing and object composition

  • Customizing the software interface. Optimizing one’s work through the development module (adjustment of the peak, shifting of the photomask, correction of mixed lighting, etc…).
  • Creating an interaction with other software like Photoshop.

The benefits of this additional training module

  • Become more efficient with workflow on Lightroom for the production of e-commerce visuals.

Credential recognition

Certificate of completion of modular training on Lightroom.